31.12.2006 - Just to round up the year good news again from Finland. Free Minds Eibhinn's hipscore came back and he is HD free, ED free and his eyes are tested clear. Congratulations to his owners. Iikka is now available at stud to suitable bitches. Contact his owners at punanutut@gmail.com or check their website http://www.punanutut.net/

23.12.2006 - What an exciting way to end the show year!!!! Teddy, a day short of 11 months, went Best Junior in Show at the Christmas Show in Tienen, Belgium. Judges Mr Paul Jentgen from Luxembourg and Mr Theo Leenen from Belgium. Congratulations to his half-sister Ch Hillsborough Charmed who was BOB and BIG VII.

20.12.2006 - Tessa gave birth to 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls. Mother and the babies are doing well. Photos soon.

12.12.2006 - I got news from Marika that Tessa is definitely expecting puppies. She is due around Christmas. Proud Dad is the beautiful Teatrick Ask for More. More info on the puppies page. Photo taken after the mating in Sweden. If you are interested to own one of their puppies feel free to contact me.

10.12.2006 - at the Winter Winner show in Celje Edon won another Best Junior and was shortlisted for the Best Junior in Show. His sister Elin was shown for the first time and also won her class. Free Minds Essa won the working class. Judge was Mr Blaz Kavcic. In Kassel, Germany Gina was exc 3rd in Junior class, while Zennith's sons did well again Free Minds Dante exc 4th in Open class and Free Minds Dorian exc 1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB. This is Dorian's 4th show appearance this year and his 4th BOB. Not forgetting Fifi's sons (and Pika's brothers) Ch Yesterday's Hero Ray of Midas and Ch Yesterday's Hero Rhedy Lebry who won 1st and 2nd place in champion class respectively. Judge was Mr Bernd Kleine.

9.12.2006 - great day for Teddy and his owners Dorothy and Oliver. He has won Exc 1st in Junior class and BOB Junior at the International show in Genk, Belgium under judge Mrs Marshall from England.

3.12.2006 - at the CAC show organised by the Royal English Setter Club in Belgium Tim won 3rd place in Junior class and Teddy 4th, both with an excellent under judge Mrs Boardmann from England. Meanwhile in Bremen Gina got exc 2nd in Junior class. Zennith's son Free Minds Dorian won BOB and his brother Free Minds Dante exc 2nd in Open class and RCAC. Dante's daughter, the beautiful Castania's Frances, won exc 1st in Intermediate class.

26.11.2006 - at the Zagreb International show Edon got his 3rd Exc 1st, Best Junior Dog and BOB Junior under judge Mrs Vojna Medvedec from Croatia. This makes him Croatian Junior Champion at only 10 months old and in just 2 days of showing. He was handled to these wins by Lana Premk. Thanks for doing a great job with this talanted boy. Just to show she's stil got it Pika (shown only today) picked up another BOB. Also congratulations to our friends Mojca and Lojze of Seterday kennels for excellent results today.

25.11.2006 - at the Croatian Club Show this afternoon Edon once again got Exc 1st, Best Junior Dog and Croatian Club Junior Winner 2006. Judge was Mrs Ricky Lochs Romans from Holland.

25.11.2006 - at the Zagreb International show our "Tempo" aka M'Eudail The Temptation now called Edon by his owners attended his first show in Junior class and was awarded Exc 1st and Best Junior Dog under judge Mr Piotr Sliwka from Poland.

19.11.2006 - at the Yväskylä Show in Finland Zennith's son Free Minds Eibhinn owned by Anna-Riitta and Janne Forss was awarded his first CC and was also 4th Best Dog under an Australian judge Mr David Wong. Many congratulations to his owners!!!

12.11.2006 - at the World Dog Show in Poznan, Poland Ch Free Minds Cleopatra, daughter of our much missed Daisy, won the Champion Class, became Polish Champion and later became 2nd Best bitch winning RCACIB - Vice World Champion. Judge was mr Dostal from Czech republic. Not forgetting her children specially Sangrefield Carte Noire who won a strong Open class also becoming Polish Champion. They are owned by Alena Krutova from Russia and you can find our more about them at their website www.gordon-setter.ru

12.11.2006 - a very busy day for our "babies". Bubu and Guiness passed their obedience exam (photos to follow) while Teddy and Tim where shown at the Junior Day in Liege. Both recieved excellent under a well known judge Mr Theo Leenen and later Tim was placed 5th Best Junior in Show out of 150 entries under Dr Wilfried Pepper from Germany. Not to be forgotten Gina was shown in strong competition at the Piet Roks Junior Day in Holland. New photos of Teddy, Tim and Gina available.

4.11.2006 - Pika won 1st in Honour class, BOB and BIG III at the Stuttgart International show under judges Mr Laurent Pichard and Mr Hans Müller. Thanks to Thomas and Jadran for handling her. Zennith was excellent 3rd in Working class.  Photos to follow in a few days. Here is Pika's judges report:

"4 years old, very attractive. Shown in exceptional condition. Wonderful head, scissors bite, dark eye, wonderful neck, correct lenght of shoulder. In total very harmonically built. Correct bone. Hindlegs very well muscled and angulated, flowing movement. Presents herself very well in the ring."

31.10.2006 - We have new photos of our Bubu and Gina at 9 months old.


14.10.2006 - We have new photos of  Edon, and Teddy at 8 months old.

7.10.2006 - Pika won CAC/CACIB at the Ceske Budejevice International show under judge Mr Josef Hejda. This win makes her Champion of Czech Republic. The 11th country she is champion of. BOB was Ch Irr z Lesinky owned by our friend Mr Remeš and handled by Marketa Capova. Congratulations.  Photos to follow in a few days.

2.10.2006 - We have new photos of  our Bubu at 8 months old

26.9.2006 - We have new photos of Pika's children Edon, Gina, Teddy and Tim at 7 months old

23.9.2006 - Pika won CAC/CACIB/BOB/BIG III at the Maribor International under judge Mr Slavko Zidar. Thanks to Anja for her excellent handling. Congratulations to my friend Kristina and her Weimaraner Allegro on another big success.

28.8.2006 - Pika went to the first show since november 2005 and got CAC/BOB/BIG. Judge was Mr Blaz Kavcic. She also went to Junior Handling with Lana and they won 1st place. Thanks to Anja for handling Pika when I was busy in another ring.

25.8.2006 - We have new photos of Pika's children Elin, Teddy and Thor at 7 months old

20.8.2006 - We have photos of our Bubu at 7 months old

13.8.2006 - Pika's brother Zeus (Ch Yesterday's Hero Rhedy-Lebry was BIS over 2 days at the Spitzingsee shows. Judges were Miss Tatjana Urek and Mrs Irene Rafalska. Congratulations!!! Zeus has won 15 1st places in Germany over the last 11 months including several BOB and BIG.

10.8.2006 - We have photos of Pika's children Gina, Tim and Teddy at 6 months old

July 2006 - Congratulations to Rup, father of our T litter on a BVIS at the Liege International

24.4.2006 - We have new photos of some of our puppies at 12 weeks

6.4.2006 - We have new photos of some of our puppies at 8 - 10 weeks

12.3.2006 - We have new standing photos of our puppies at 6,5 weeks

7.3.2006 - We have first standing photos of our puppies

25.2.2006 - Unfortunately Tessa will not have puppies. Marika will try again on her next season.

24.1.2006 - WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!     Pika gave birth to 10 beautiful babies, 7 boys and 3 girls.

20.1.2006 - Ultrasound confirms that Tessa is pregnant. Puppies due around 25th February.

15.1.2006 - Zennith took CAC/CACIB at Ljubljana International under judge Peter Berchtold from Austria. Her son Darling won the working class and got CAC and her daughter Essa won the intermediate class and got her 2nd CAC in 2 days.

14.1.2006 - Zennith's daughter Essa took CAC/RCACIB at the Ljubljana International under judge Istvan Nagy from Hungary.

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